About Me
Let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Hardacre. I'm 27 years old and I live on the south coast of the UK, between Bournemouth and Southampton. I'm a bit of an internet junkie, I feel cut off from the world if I don't have an internet connection nearby.

I'm currently employed as a software developer by a software company in my home town, but I do a lot more than just developing software. My job includes other stuff too such as maintaining our email, web and proxy servers as well as helping to administer the telephone system. I also do a lot of support work, assisting our helpdesk when they encounter problems that they don't know how to fix. All in all, it's a very varied and often rewarding job.

In my spare time I love to tinker around with new technologies, especially those relating to the internet. You can normally find me on an instant messenger or playing a game somewhere. I enjoy playing MMORPGs when I have the time. Recently I have been playing Eve Online, World of Warcraft and I've just started looking at Second Life.